Desktop and enterprise tools to enable next generation Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Battlespace Management. Built on proven technology with trusted astrodynamic calculations, these tools help you respond to the threats of today and plan for tomorrow.

Systems Tool Kit (STK)

STK provides an inclusive modeling environment used worldwide by public and private sector organizations to model complex land, sea, air, or space systems and evaluate their performance in real or simulated time. STK supports timely decision-making in a mission context about complex, inter-related systems; and can be applied at any stage in their lifecycle: from planning and design to training and operations.

STK Pro Spec Sheet

Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK)

ODTK provides orbit determination and orbit analysis support for the entire life cycle of satellites and their tracking systems, processing a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional measurements using a state-of-the-art optimal sequential filter and matched smoother to generate orbits with realistic covariance.

ODTK Spec Sheet

STK Astrogator

Used for interactive spacecraft maneuvers and trajectory design. STK Astrogator allows for finite, impulsive, and optimal finite modeling of complex maneuvers including rendezvous and proximity operations, station keeping, interplanetary, and low thrust.

STK Astrogator Spec Sheet

Maneuver Processing Tool (MPT)

An ODTK module that automatically characterizes non-cooperative maneuvers. MPT enables orbit analysts who encounter non-cooperative maneuvers to quickly solve for the maneuver characteristics, maintaining track custody of the space object and informing operations.

MPT Spec Sheet

Space Event Generator (SEG)

Allows non-expert operators to quickly develop accurate, physics-based scenarios of common space events, from single object maneuvers to complex, linked, multi-object interactions, using simple, GUI-based operator workflows. A powerful new tool to support Test, Training, and Exercises.

SEG Spec Sheet

Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA)

SOTA decreases risk to satellite missions and increases survivability against threats by assessing a space object’s vulnerability to another object’s actions or events.

SOTA Spec Sheet


Electro-optical and infrared (EOIR) models detection, tracking and imaging performance of electro-optical and infrared sensors.

STK EOIR Spec Sheet


Voyager is an interactive Rendezvous-Proximity Operations (RPO) mission design tool that helps analysts plan, examine, and evaluate missions that include an inspector spacecraft operating near and around another spacecraft or resident space object.

Voyager Spec Sheet

STK Conjunction Analysis Tool (CAT)

The Conjunction Analysis Tool (CAT) determines time windows in which the launch or operation of a space object is affected by the proximity of another orbiting object.

STK CAT Spec Sheet

STK Scheduler

Scheduler is a powerful scheduling and planning application designed for mission designers and operations engineers.

STK Scheduler Spec Sheet

SSA Software Suite

This enterprise level software suite includes capabilities in a service-oriented architecture designed for scalability, reliability, full-database integration, secure operations, and web-based user interactions.

SSA Spec Sheet

STK Integration

The Integration module enables Moduł Integration to interfejs z STK z innymi aplikacjami. Korzystając z funkcji Integration, można zautomatyzować powtarzalne zadania i integrować STK z innymi aplikacjami, takimi jak MATLAB i Excel.

STK Integration Spec Sheet